There are 25 teams in the league this year so the committee has decided to just have 2 leagues. Division 1 will consist of 12 teams and Division 2 will have 13.

In Division 1 we will have Boats 'N' Hoes, Bressay Sharks, Da Hoodwink, Dragons, Eccentrics, Harum Scarums, Hustlers, Kippers, Sailors, Scalloway Legion, Scumbags and Tipstars.

In Division 2 we have have Allsorts, A-Rack-No-Phobia, Baroc, Da Marlex, Deadpool, Jirky, Lancers, MacHo ManSon, Nestin Swimmin Team, South Kirk Close, Still Game, Welcome Inn and Whitedale Snooker Club.

The league is going to start on 27th August for 1st Division and 29th August for 2nd Division.