Playing Times

12pm: Ben Mullay, Martyn Neeson, Brian Dobson, Adam Swift, Jamie Allan, Alan Lamb, Martin Stickle and Kieran McLeod.

12:45pm: Chris Young, Tom Wyeth, Andrew Coutts, Ian Hornby, Amanda Cutt and Chris Vice.

1:45pm: Stewart Hutchison, Jamie Summers, Richard Manson and Scott Hurst.

2:45pm: Neil Johnson, Paul Johnson, Colin Irvine and Garry Sutherland.

3:45pm: Andrew Stout, Robert Garrick and George Fraser.

4:45pm: Lowrie Leask, David Anderson, David Irvine, Jacky Williamson, John B Adamson and Anthony Williamson.

5:45pm: Mark Finlayson, Gail Wiseman, Ian Mutch, John Williamson and Brodie Ramsay.

6:45pm: Kenneth Henry, Davie Sandison, Sandy Henry, Steve Duncan, Ross Williamson and Peter McLeod.