A match can still take place with a minimum of 2 players, as a draw is still obtainable.

In the event of a match being, played with less than four players the team will have to drop the frames accordingly.

If a captain knows in advance he can not field a team for a fixture, then the captain is required to,


1. Contact the opposing team captain by the deadline 10pm the evening prior. They should reschedule the fixture at a mutually agreed time. This time should be within two weeks of the original fixture


2. The Fixture Secretary, should be contacted informing them of the postponement and when the fixture has been re-scheduled.


3. If a team captain feels there has been exceptional circumstances for there cancelation, they must phone and inform the fixture secretary, who will take the matter to a full committee meeting for a decision.


Failure to give 24 hours notice will result in the team cancelling the match losing a point. The match should be re-scheduled within two weeks of it’s original date. Failure to do so will result in the Fixture Secretary setting a new date for the match to be played. The cancelling team must comply with this new date. If the match, is not played on or before the date set by the Fixture Secretary It will result in a further loss of a point.


The Fixture Secretary will then set a further date for the game to be played. Failure to comply with this new date will result with the matter being brought before the Shetland Pool Association Committee. It should be noted that the committee have the power to expel persistent offenders form the league.


4. All teams have a maximum of ONE cancellation per half of the season, each cancellation must be played within two weeks of the original fixture date as stated above. However, team captains can contact their opposition and ask to re-schedule the match to another date. The re-scheduled fixture must be played before the next match day, if the match does not get played before the next scheduled game then the cancelling team will be docked one point. The cancelling team will then be docked a further point for each subsequent week the match hasn’t been played, a maximum of 2 points only will be docked from a team before the committee steps in and sets a date for the match.

No team can cancel or re-schedule the last game of the season and all games must be up to date before the last game takes place.